Hello! I’m a photographer and graphic designer. I’m originally from and grew up in AZ. Brilliant I know. No really, I am. My hometown is like none other. I know no two places are the same but mine was really quite different. Not all good, but not all bad. It has defiantly had an effect on me and shaped me, whether I like it or not.

I’ve been called and labeled may things. Some nice and some not so nice. I did grow up a tomboy. I love the outdoors, hiking, reading, games whether computer or card or board verity, sports, science, music, etc. I could go on and on.

I try and post at least once every week, sometimes more. I love sharing what I see with others. I also like taking my photography and and using it something. A magazine for example, or a calendar, postcards, etc.

I am a hard worker, but also like to have some fun. When I can do both, I do. There’s no reason not to have fun and enjoy what you do. I’ve also thought a good worker is a happy worker. Setting goals and deadlines and then achieving them keep me sharp and give me something to work towards.



Diana Reed resume infographic


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